How history will do as it will and leave all the rest of us behind, buried in dust.


This Blog was started on December 21, 2009. So, it is brand new without widgets and shiny things. Makes it all the more endearing because you get to watch it grow, right?


~ September 12, 2010 ~
Nothing much has been added here, no one has watched it grow, but maybe it was not the year, make haste by moving slow. Sway with me. Stay. with me


Thursday, January 28, 2010


You call us the Twixter Generation
You named us that
As if it were humorous
TIME MAGAZINE in January 2005

To give your wise perspective more philosophical weight,
You based this off of J.M. Barrie's THE LITTLE WHITE BIRD

We, like Peter Pan, are betwixt and between
And so we are.
But have you cursed us as Peter was cursed?
Are we half-human?
Doomed to never trust our elders,
Know what it is to grow up,
Live life?

We are Lost. We are your lost children.
And you laugh in our faces thru the bars you have placed on your windows.

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