How history will do as it will and leave all the rest of us behind, buried in dust.


This Blog was started on December 21, 2009. So, it is brand new without widgets and shiny things. Makes it all the more endearing because you get to watch it grow, right?


~ September 12, 2010 ~
Nothing much has been added here, no one has watched it grow, but maybe it was not the year, make haste by moving slow. Sway with me. Stay. with me


Monday, September 20, 2010


Take me back to the days when we would swing

from the branches of dogwood trees,

run down to the dock with our minnow nets

to check the crab pots,

or in early summer, before the jellyfish,

jump off the end of the wooden dock

into Peachblossom Creek

and swim across the river to the strand

to play in the tidal pools

until we were called in for supper

No one ever



the truth

that at some point

childhood dies

it happens slowly so you don’t notice

and once it’s dead, it’s gone forever

Days you can never have back

Freedom as pure as a summer’s evening

stripped away as naturally and steadily

as winter strips the earth of its green

There are no more summer days

for us

at the house

on Peachblossom Creek

We all grew up, our parents grew old, and our grandfather passed away

It’s been years since that land was sold

with its great magnolia trees

that bloom every spring

if they’re still there

perhaps they bloom each year for another happy family

but I don’t dare

turn right off the Oxford Road,

the first right after Peachblossom Creek Bridge,

onto Old Country Club Road,

where the gates to the house are less than a mile in,

I don’t dare go back again

the sight of how the years have changed it

I probably won’t recognize it

The house where we celebrated so many Christmases

and summer nights catching lightning bugs

those years when we were children

those times that can never happen again

as we scattered apart like leaves on the wind

No one ever told me that’s what

growing up is.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Day

Obligatory Valentine's Day Post

I love the picture here of me in my lover's arms. Even though we won't be together on Valentine's Day, it doesn't matter much in my opinion. He's actually giving me a treat and I will be on a Pilates / Yoga Retreat up in the mountains. To be honest, every day is Valentine's Day with him, whether we are together or apart, he's the one who won my heart.

Still, I do hate Valentine's Day. I see couples break up ever year, always around this time. Is it the expectation or the date or what? What makes this holiday so contentious?

So, yeah, I'm anti-Valentine and proud of it. If you are too, leave a comment and let me know why. I'm curious.